Friday, November 25, 2005

Autumn to Winter

It hardly seems possible that just four weeks ago Chris took this picture of the Bridge at Ceres. Within a few hours the first of the Autumn storms has blown much of the leaves from the trees, and today Winter snow made its first intrusion. We had been told that Largo Bay has its own micro climate and if it snows here then the rest of Fife is already covered. So it proved this morning as flakes the size of half crowns quickly covered the ground. But in an hour it was clear with just slush as a memory. That is until we set off outside the Bay where the snow and slush were thick and driving treacherous.

We have decided we must settle here at least for a year or two, for with every passing month the housing market moves beyond us. The council tax bill on our rental home has arrived at last and threatens to cripple us. The situation is far from ideal but we must make the best of what we have for now. So the search has begun for a home we can afford and possibly turn a profit upon. Getting a mortgage was not so bad and provided an opportunity for Chris to wear his new suit. The tricky bit is finding a property that has not already been sold, or as the Scots put it is not yet “Under Offer”.We bid upon one but the foolish owner wanted what he needs and not what it is worth. The “Offers Over” system here is currently working at offers between 10% to 15% over the base price – he wanted 25% over minimum!

There is another complication. The never ending matrix of mobile telephone and Tetra masts that covers Fife and indeed the whole of the UK blankets most of the land with microwave signals. Most people aren't even aware of the electrosmog they produce, but Chris and I are both electro-sensitive. We have to find a way of locating a home we can afford and that is also hidden away from these microwave discharges. We have a monitor that helps us locate the safer areas but house hunting has become many more times difficult than just finding a suitable property we can afford. Suddenly things have taken a serious turn for the worse. But we will accomplish this.