Saturday, September 17, 2005

Three Steps Forward

What an amazing week – full of ups and downs and twists and turns.

By Monday late afternoon I was reading the riot act to my old firm of solicitors who had hung on to the proceeds of our house sale all over the weekend because they had “lost” a form I signed back in August. The money turned up at the last possible moment when I asked for the interest it was accruing.

Tuesday I went in search of a mortgage for the build, only to be turned down by all 20 companies working through a large independent mortgage broker. But all was far from lost and I approached the Ecology Building Society by e mail. It seems they had already done stress tests on Fin Lammelli building logs and given them their seal of approval. Following a direct phone call we got the verbal agreement for the funding we need. Hooray!

Not wanting to let the grass grow under our feet I began to research the building regulations in Scotland. Before building can commence and alongside Planning Permission, every new build must have a BuildingWarrant which will add another thousand to the bill! But even that pales into insigificance beside the technical tests involved.But I'm learning not to panic and e-mailed the house suppliers UK Agent. Its all been done before for someone else and passed with flying colours. Another problem solved. Next step is to talk to planners in likely areas.

Meanwhile we went to St Andrews, a world religious shrine for all golfers. I found a branch of Ottakars (the booksellers) and a Costa Coffee shop and so was in my own private Heaven. Crossing the street was less fun. The High Street in St Andrews must be one of the oldest and uneven cobbled streets left in the world, and definitely not made for arthritics.

Chris passed a real cheese and home cured hams shop, so smelly he thought the sewers had backed up. But as he made his way back to the pavement his eye was caught by a display of unusual yarns on a pole. Down a narrow ginnel (passageway) was the shop of a designer of high quality fashion knitwear made from unique yarns a prices you can only imagine. Looking at the yarns Chris wasn't impressed - and neither was I when he took me there. Space dyed pencil roving at £30 for a hundred grams – phew. Plucking up my courage I sent the designer twelve samples of my own hand spun and designed yarns, (some wool, some pure silk, others blends of merino and acrylic or cashmere and alpaca). Two days later came an excited phone call from her assistant asking if I could meet her and bring some larger batches of yarn. When I mentioned the spun silk and the knitted hats she grew even more enthusiastic.So now I think I know what I shall be doing through these long Winter evenings.