Thursday, September 29, 2005

Six Miles From Anywhere You Like

Travelling around in the magical Kingdom, we soon became aware that all signposts tell the same story. It might be only a mile and half to a small village, or two miles to the coast, but in general all the major towns are advertised as being only another six miles further on. Now this is patently not true as six miles stretches beyond credibility to eight and sometimes ten. We gave it some thought and decided that the council lost all the other stencils for road signs and so has to make do with no number bigger than six until it gets into the teens. So coming back to Cupar from Newburgh the other day I was wondering how long the journey would be on our unexpected detour. “That's easy,” said Chris, “its just six miles!” And so it was.

The weather here is exceptionally mild and kind. It may howl with wind and rain all day elsewhere but in the Kingdom it rarely lasts more than two hours, then shortly afterwards the sun breaks though. I have been told that if there is snow or severe frost in Leven then all of the east of Scotland is pretty well locked up. Its one of the the mildest places in Scotland – apart from the West. Now I know where exotic place names like Largo Bay come from, with their intimations of Bermudan climate.

Alas we cannot stay here – thousands of others have discovered what a beautiful place this is to live. Next week I set off north and begin the search for land. Chris stays put to look after the felines. I have already heard of a huge plot as a very reasonable price, but it may be too much for us to manage. Life gets exciting again from here on in!