Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Introduction to A Scottish Adventure

This is the Blog of the biggest adventure we have ever undertaken. Its not that others haven't done it many times before, but for the two of us, both chronically ill and disabled it was a huge gamble.So here is the story of our journey to our new home as it unfolds a step at a time. For now we have moved from England and rented a place in the Magical Kingdom of Fife – which lives upto its name. Its only a temporary resting place and we have already begun the search for a building plot on which we can build the home of our dreams. Fife is a little too densely populated and we may literally end up anywhere in Scotland where the land is cheap enough and the location is serenely quiet. My son will take the photos as we travel and I am best left to scribble the acompanying notes. The Blog will end when we have a log home of our own and the front door is finally declared open.