Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Go North, and see Peter Pan

Today we went too far...and did miles more than we intended. In a great loop we went over the Tay to Dundee which was a HUGE city! The Tay bridge is a real treat and free if you're heading North. The toll is only payable if you want to leave Scotland and head South. Along the coast there is a dual carriage way right upto Aberdeen but we peeled off and looped back, realising that the full drive was just beyond us both.

We stopped for lunch at Kirrimuir (birthplace of J.M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan) in an art gallery (teacher's verdict....”can do better”) and then came back via Perth and Scone. On the way home we got lost and seemed to do a complete circumnavigation of Loch Leven. But Chris was ecstatic to go right past the Scottish Gliding Club as they were towing up planes to float in the thermals that come of the mountainous cliffs nearby . By then I was so tired I was practically ready to throw him off the cliff. The cats are flat out in the conservatory and no matter how hot it gets wont come into the cool of the house. Cat heaven is a warm soft fleece on a deeply padded chair in the sunshine.