Thursday, September 29, 2005

Glenduckie to Perth

On our second trip to Perth we tried the less than obvious route via Cupar and Newburgh – well its never more than six miles from Cupar as you know! Tucked away in this less populous region is some of Fife's prettiest countryside. In the bottom of otherwise quiet valleys there are lovely villages that the main road avoids by half a mile or so. My favourite is Glenduckie – perhaps because of Chris' lifelong attachment to Daffy Duck whose stuffed effigy hangs in the hall at home like some Shinto household god. Hanging out of the window with just a tiny digital camera, Chris tried to capture an image for you.

Glen Duckie

This time we went into the city centre of Perth and stopped for an hour for a late lunch. Most of the main street are pedestrianised but we found plenty of disabled parking – something the planners often forget. Perth must have ambitions to win the best kept city award, for the flowers, window boxes and hanging baskets were truly spectacular. Considering its late September they were full of brighly coloured blooms in tip top condition, and they billowed down the walls and supports everywhere. I don't think I've ever seen such a well kept display at this late time of year. Just a few yards away the River Tay scrambles over a field of rocks, producing a display of white water as it flows under one of the city's bridges.

Chris has photgraphed an unusual piece of street sculpture. I wasn't sure at first – why would city dwellers want to lean against a suspended metal ring? But then a South American trio started to play the music of Los Paraguyos and leaning on the steel ring to listen seemed to be the most natural thing in the world. Perth I will visit again – it was a most welcoming place.

Perth Street Sculpture.

What next? Its time to put some serious effort into finding a building plot. I have booked a B and B for Sunday and Monday night in Aberdeenshire. It was recommended by friends. But it seems the owner is in France and only a caretaker will be there. He “thinks” he can cook a basic breakfast as long as I don't want Waldorf Salad ? It was apparently an allusion to Fawlty Towers – a T.V. program I have never watched. Alas the joke fell on the wrong ears. Perhaps I should take my own ingredients just to be sure?

By this time next week I should at least know if its the area want to settle in at the prices I can afford.